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LIVE music at the Christmas Village has been cancelled – after two complaints.

Bands will no longer perform in the entertainment marquee after Aberdeen Inspired, who helporganise the Aberdeen Winter Festival, received two noise complaints.

The move comes just days after street traders at the Castlegate were told to turn down their Christmas music.
Source: Eveningexpress Website


Plenty of live music on New Year’s eve

There are plenty of nights to party and celebrate each year, but undoubtedly the biggest is New Year’s eve. Perhaps it’s the thought of starting over the next day with a clean slate and a new year, but celebrations on Dec. 31 always tend to be among the rowdiest and the most sentimental of occasions. Before we head into 2016, here are some of the festivities happening in the area, with something on offer for just about every music fan.

- Jam band The Brothers Gow have a special show set for Dec. 31 at Winston’s, with the band set to perform their second annual Time Travel show, playing hits from 1966 to today
Source: Sdnews Website


Live fast, die old

IT WAS never hard to pick out Lemmy in a crowd. First, that black hat, vaguely cowboy in style, with silver medallions round it and crossed Confederate swords. Then very long hair (eventually dyed, or else he looked like Willie Nelson), and matching moustache.


A black shirt, often open to a jungle of chest hair, with very tight black jeans.And, to complete the look, cowboy boots. Around the mid-1970s many rock bands and their fans spent Saturday night in something similar. Lemmy, founder in 1975 and frontman of Motörhead, wore that outfit, all the time, for 40 years
Source: Economist Website


This weekend in Boston live music, where are you heading?

There's a lot going on this weekend in Boston. Examiner would like you to know how much we like receiving your photos. You can also post them at the bottom of any of our articles. Here are some weekend suggestions for you.

The Soul Box Band, will bring their lively stage show to the Bolton Tavern, 587 Bolton Street in Marlborough on Friday, December, 11. This five piece band plays a combination of blues, funk, reggae, rock, and soul. Every show is different as they tend to change it up! You can find this band on Facebook with a calendar of their upcoming dates.
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Live Music in Bali

Bali live music is separated into three parts; top 40 bands, jazz and blues, and the local original music scene. Top 40 cover bands can be found all over the island in hotels, restaurants and bars. Some of them are very good, some are ordinary, but they have all come a long way since back in the day of only playing tracks like ‘Hotel California’. The jazz/blues scene features top musicians from around the archipelago and the world.


There are many talented musicians in the live music scene around Bali in the cover band and original scenes. Over the past decade the local original music scene was dominated by punk music but has become more melodic in recent times. Here below are some of the best venues to catch live music on Bali.
Source: Beatmag Website


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